YWCA Parent Awareness Committee


The YWCA Parent Awareness Committee is comprised of parent representatives from each of Darien’s five elementary schools, as well as Middlesex Middle School and Darien High School. In addition, the Darien Youth Commission and the Depot Youth Center have representatives on the committee.

The Committee meets monthly to ascertain which parenting issues are foremost in the minds of their respective constituencies. The Committee develops programs that will benefit parents at every grade level. Our coordinators also sit on TYTF: Thriving Youth Task Force and the Human Services Planning Council to work collaboratively in our efforts as a community.


2018-19 Committee Members and Affiliations


First Name    Last Name    Affiliation
Melissa  Davidson Hindley
Amanda Heins Holmes
Jill  Harvey Ox Ridge
Cindy Pages Ox Ridge
Vicky Coughlin Tokeneke
Elena Rathberger MMS
Amy Smith MMS
Melissa Williams DHS
Alicia Sillars Darien Youth Commission
Janice Marzano Depot Youth Center
Tara Levinson Member At Large
Marli Hayes YWCA Representative