Network of Working Women

About Network of Working Women

The YWCA Network of Working Women welcomes all working women, whether employed outside of the home or consulting/freelance, including those currently unemployed or considering workforce re-entry. Participation is included in your YWCA membership by joining the club on the YWCA website.



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“I have to just take a minute to thank you ladies for all of your great recommendations, suggestions, advice, feedback, etc. What a value and an asset to our community ... I talk about this group with so many friends who don't have this sort of network and they are always so jealous! I am very appreciative to the YWCA for facilitating this group!!”

Wine & Cheese Spa Night @ Andrew Stefanou April 29, 2015:
The NOWW event last night was great - well done and such fun!” -Amy R.
“Yes, it was a really nice event. Thanks to those who planned it and great to see everyone last night!” -Jenn C.
“Thank you to everyone who put the awesome event together last night - I so enjoyed my time at the spa and networking with all of the fabulous ladies. YWCA is so great!” xxox -Katie T.

“It was such a lovely event! Thank you NOWW!! The people at the salon were so nice!” Best, -Beth B.
“Really enjoyed it!! Thanks so much to those who coordinated it. What a treat mid-week!” -Amanda C.
Agreed. Fantastic Event :)” -Aidan W.