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Network of Working Women

Network of Working Women (NOWW): If you are a working woman, whether employed outside of the home or consulting/freelance including those currently unemployed or considering workforce re-entry, NOWW connects you with other working women. Includes participation in our very popular automated mailing list, social events and Saturday Playgroups.

International Club

International Club: If you have an international background or interest, club members include citizens of countries from around the world, Americans who have lived abroad, and others who are seeking to broaden their understanding of the world and how others live. Includes participation in a variety of educational and social events and book club.

Newcomers Club

Newcomers Club: If you are new to our community or just new to the YWCA Darien/Norwalk, we invite you to join the YWCA Newcomers Club which has been especially designed to help you get to know your community and the YWCA. Includes participation in our very popular automated mailing list, social events and book club.

Inspire Club

Inspire Club: If you are an empty nester, newly retired, returning to work, flying solo or just ready for a new adventure the Inspire Club reconnects you with women in your same situation or who were part of the YWCA when they first moved to the area. Includes a variety of educational and social events.

Town Club

Town Club: If you live in the area and do not have children, better known as the “No Kids Club” by its current members, the Town Club organizes social outings at local restaurants and other social venues to make it easier to meet new friends when you are working and commuting.


Playgroups: YWCA Playgroups are a great way for both moms and kids to make new friends. Groups are formed based on childrens' date of birth.

Single Moms Club

Single Moms Club: If you are a single mom in the Darien/Norwalk community raising children without a full time partner, come join other diverse single mothers to support each other. This new club is committed to empowering women with its educational gatherings, dinners out and even an article club! YWCA is committed to connecting you with other single moms looking forward to meeting other moms raising their children.