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About Gourmet

Gourmet is an exciting way to meet new people, enjoy friends, and learn about different recipes. On five designated evenings, groups of couples, individuals or a combination of the two will gather to enjoy a gourmet meal together.

  • There is a $30 non- refundable fee to participate in Gourmet.
  • Each group will have a maximum of 10 people. They may be comprised of couples, individuals or a combination of the two. Accommodations will be made for those requested couple only or individual only groups whenever possible.
  • Before the first dinner, you will receive by e-mail your assigned group and hosting dates and some basic information about the program. Menus and recipes will be posted to the Gourmet section of the YWCA website one week prior to the dinner dates. Only YWCA members who have registered and paid for Gourmet Club will be able to access this page.
  • Couples and individuals prepare and share five distinctive gourmet dinners on five designated Saturday nights, using five tantalizing menus. Dinner parties will be hosted at an individual or a couple's home, and the others are responsible for one course each.
  • The menu selections are designed to be both varied and interesting without being intimidating to prepare.  We aim to make each menu different from the last to suit a variety of tastes, cooking abilities and ingredients.

 * New Option*

We have been working with Palmers Market to make it as easy as possible for you!  This year, in addition to providing you with delicious gourmet menus, there is an option to purchase all or part of your meal, already made from Palmers. You may also choose to hire staff to be on hand at your home to clean up!



2018-19 Gourmet Dates (subject to change)







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