Take the 1st Step

October 13th—20th

Join the

YWCA Darien/Norwalk

and take the

1st Step towards Ending Gender-Based Violence!

Gender-based violence is not any one thing, it’s a spectrum of violence which includes, but is not limited to intimate partner violence, sexual assault, trafficking and harassment.

We invite you to join us in taking the 1st step and speaking out against ALL types of gender-based violence. The YWCA is encouraging people to literally take a step, walk, run, bike, swim in support of raising awareness and help put an end to these crimes. Post a selfie of you and your family participating with the #1stepdarien.

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 Ways to Participate:

1) Over the course of the week, pledge to walk/bike/run/swim

  • 3 miles - In support of the 1 in 3 women who will experience gender-based violence in their lifetime.
  • 4 miles - Supporting the 1 in 4 women who experience domestic violence
  • 6 miles - Recognizing the 1 in 6 who have survived attempted or completed sexual assault
  • 8 miles - Acknowledging the 8 million days of paid work lost per year because of the effects of violence.

2) Social Media -

  • Take a picture of yourself and/or your family participation and post on social media with #1ststepDarien.  We encourage you to share your goal and your progress towards your goal each day.  To make the pictures even more meanignful, include a sign in your photo (click on the sign below to download)!
  • Challenge your friends to participate.
  • Share the YWCA social media posts.

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3) Ready to to go a step further? We invite you to donate. Proceeds will benefit the work of the Darien Domestic Abuse Council, of which the YWCA Darien/Norwalk is proudly a member. Simply register and choose the donation drop down.

 4) Join us Saturday, October 20th for a Recognition breakfast!  If you need to take your last steps, take a stroll around Tilley Pond and then come have a bite to eat.

Recognition Breakfast

Saturday, October 20th


Tilley Pond Park

Join us for breakfast to end the week, remember the victims, and recognize those who have taken the 1st step.

 Are you ready to take the 1st step?  

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What is Gender-based violence?Gender-based violence means violence that targets individuals or groups of individuals on the basis of their gender. It includes violence committed against women and which is particular to women, such as rape, sexual assault, female circumcision, dowry burning, torture, mutilation, sexual slavery, forced impregnation and murder.

Click here for more information about Gender-Based Violence


tread on trafficking

Tread on Trafficking - On Saturday, October 13th, we encourage you to take the 1st Step and participate in Tread on Trafficking. This walk is designed to bring awareness to the horror of human trafficking, one of the many types of gender-based violence.  For more information visit their webpage